MEGA Craft the ultimate crafting game by ME!

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MEGA Craft the ultimate crafting game by ME!

Post by Admin - AutisAwsome on Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:09 am

Bet you didn't know I have a video game I am designing right now! I have had a long break in the middle I know my life wont allow me to just work on this when I want to and every night so its gonna be tough but I am NOT giving up on this. I have always wanted to make my own crafting game on RPG maker and this is gonna be it! My dream come true! wish me luck guys! Razz cheers

here is the link to the website I am putting all the details on as and when I update it. Any progress I make even if just thinking will be on here so you can keep track of the progress. Doesn't look like I have done much so far and I haven't it is in early stages but I assure you I have done much more than this website shows. I am slowly adding the info I have done in my spreadsheet to the data base system I have made using this blogger site by adding link lists to the side of the pages. With this you can click on the link to search for things under that subject so hopefully it should work well enough. I looked around for a wiki free site maker but none were good or trust worthy enough for me so I adapted this blog website. Hope you like what I did so far and I hope you look forward to it!

Talk here about any questions you have about the game or any advice or changes you might like and I will get back to you ASAP Razz SO EXCITED GUYS YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! cheers cheers cheers
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