RULES please read

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RULES please read

Post by Admin - AutisAwsome on Sun May 01, 2016 10:15 pm

First off thank you for actually coming here three cheers for the sensible one! cheers

There are of course the basic rules of the forum provider Forumotion which are most important and you will need to keep in mind. I will remind you of them here but check the link for full details if you wish Razz

Now for my rules...
1) PLEASE DON'T post ANYTHING that breaks the law. Don't link to anything illegal and don't do anything illegal. That means no posting of people murdering people, posting racist and other highly offensive statements and no trying to sell stuff on here. This also includes pirated content (be careful with Youtube vids as they may get the forum deleted. I don't know about the boundaries so be careful) Embarassed
2) PLEASE DON'T post very fowl language all the time for no good reason. This is an adult forum so some adult language is allowed but be careful about using more sensitive language such as the N word and the C word. and NO starting flame wars on the forums! Evil or Very Mad
3) PLEASE try to stay on topic to the forum you post in and post in the right topic. I will try my best to move stuff into the right topic if the need be but obviously it would make my job much easier if you took responsibility for posting the right place seriously. Don't worry I wont ban you straight away or anything but I might warn you if you keep blatantly ignoring this rule to annoy me or something. Mad There will be topics around for casual general discussion so don't worry if you don't think a topic completely applies to a category you can always post it there Razz
4)PLEASE DON'T post anything very grotesque or sexual. A butt or some cartoony blood should be fine but be careful when posting anything more coz it may be too much for some posters and for the forum host. Just be wary. I will give you plenty of warning if a post goes too far so no worries Very Happy
5) PLEASE post AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH! This isn't much to ask. I wish this to be an active forum full of people willing to talk daily preferably but I will allow once a month. I can check your posting rate so don't think you can get away with it! If you don't post for ages you will have to be warned and then banned. Sorry but if you don't post in months then you might as well not be here Rolling Eyes

I will try to warn you 1 time at least when you break a rule before I try to ban you but of course if you do something obviously dodgy then I may instant ban you as necessary. Just bare that in mind and just be nice guys. That is all it takes. Smile Thanks for reading up to this point! You get a star! Like a Star @ heaven
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